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Lost Serenity (Redemption #2.5)

A Science Fiction Adventure novella

and a side story in the Redemption series.


How can one moment of anger destroy so much happiness?

It is a question that will haunt him. When an old enemy comes to Kasha-Asor to kidnap their daughter, armed with a weapon that could end everything, Keir is forced to leave an injured Quin on Lyagnius. But his quest for a cure and their missing daughter will come at a terrible cost. 

Releasing 20th March, 2021


Keir's Shadow (Redemption #3)

Solstice on Vintro

(Star-Crossed Souls)

A Science Fiction Mystery novella.

    Part of the upcoming Star-Crossed Souls collection.

Vintro. The planet that had stolen all her dreams.


Melandria Solei has always dreamed of commanding a starship and exploring the universe. When her own dark-eyed older lover steals the position she's worked for, she never expects to go chasing after him in a stolen ship to a world colder than revenge...

Releasing 21st December, 2020

My Summer Angel

(Star-Crossed Souls)

A Paranormal Romance Short Story.

Part of the upcoming Star-Crossed Souls collection.

What would you do if you found an angel? 

Victoria Myers went to church for a little peace at the end of the day. Instead she discovers an angel—Talia—lying in front of the altar, with wings broken and claw marks on her back.  But saving an angel leads to a potentially dangerous attraction and an encounter with something far less angelic. 


(Venus Ascendant #2)

A Science Fiction Romance novel

(Book Three of Redemption).


“The Siah-dhu,” she said dully, distaste in her voice. “It means ‘the cast shadow’ in the language of the Rion...”


Time, technology, and an act Quin couldn’t forgive have separated her from Keir. Driven by obsession and revenge, she hunts for the Chei-ha'veen Jinx who has caused so much harm to her family and who remains a deadly threat. But those she’s trusted since her travels began are about to send her into greater danger, for reasons of their own.


Heartbroken by their separation and exiled from Lyagnius, Keir has sought solace on their paradise isle of Kasha-Asor. But the darkness that once pursued Quin is stirring again, and this time their target is Keir. And that’s not the only thing after him.


No one can escape the shadows cast behind them after all...

A Science Fiction Romance novella in the Venus Ascendant shared universe. 


Kimri Teship has worked around mechanoids all her life and loves her job. Until she picks up something more exotic on Tem Delta, and her view of sentient techonolgy and the meaning of existence takes on a whole new perspective.


A 2015 LERA The Rebecca 2nd place winner (Paranormal/Speculative Fiction/Urban Fantasy Romance).


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