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Here are a few facts I thought visitors might find helpful. If this or the rest of my website doesn't answer your query, please feel free to connect with me through the other social media platforms listed there. 


What order should I read your books in?
Most of my titles are currently standalones, so you can read them in whatever order you like. However, the Redemption series and Gethyon are linked stories, sharing the same universe (Travellers Universe) and some of the same characters. Even though Gethyon is set before the Redemption series, you don't have to read them in that order to follow the stories, but you might find it helps. Tethered is also set in the Travellers Universe but not related to Gethyon or the Redemption series.

Travellers Universe suggested reading order: Gethyon, Keir (Redemption #1), Reunion at Kasha-Asor (Redemption #1.5), Keir's Fall (Redemption #2), A Merry-traxian Christmas (Redemption 2.1), Tethered (Inc-Su #1)

Redemption series recommended reading order: Keir, Reunion at Kasha-Asor (not required to follow the main series), Keir's Fall, A Merry-traxian Christmas

As a side note:

Keir is the first of a five book series - Redemption - with additional side stories (Travellers novellas).

Terms & Conditions Apply is part of a multi-author universe (Venus Ascendant), but in terms of my books in this setting, it's the first. Follow on books in both series will be clearly labelled, and the suggested order updated here and on each book's page. For more on the Venus Ascendant universe, go here.

Can I have your books for free?
I currently have two free reads - The Bones of the Sea, and Imprint in Tales from the SFR Brigade. You could also join The Romance Reviews or Manic Readers, both of whom carry most of my titles available for review (and joining a review site is a fabulous way to not only get free books to read but to help out your favourite authors with a review).

While I do write for love, I have a responsibility to my family to make money, and editing and artwork costs, therefore I don't give away free books on request. I do post occasional giveaways and post about when my books are discounted or on sale. To receive updates on these, please sign up to my newsletter, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Amazon, or my blog. If you run a review site, you may contact me for a free review copy, but you must have been running your site for over a year and have a respectable and active following. Unfortunately I can't just hand free books out to anyone and everyone.

If you downloaded my book free from somewhere other than a well-known retail site, chances are it was a pirate site. Each such download makes it harder, if not impossible for me to make a living at this (aside from hurting my feelings), and will ultimately result in me having to quit. If that in any way bothers you, please consider donating below, and buy my books from official sites in future. Trust me, you are not supporting your favourite authors by downloading from pirate sites, and frankly what kind of fan does it make you that you don't place any monetary value on an author's work?

Where else can I find you?
Links to all my social media platforms are on my Contact Me page.

I want to ask you a question about your books but I'm not on Facebook or Twitter.

If you're a member of Goodreads, there's the option to Ask Me A Question on my profile there.

What can I do to help support you? 
Don't download from pirate sites. 

Please leave me a review wherever you can. It doesn't have to be much, even just a line such as "I liked this because...".

Tell your friends. Word of mouth is everything to an author, and while I may not be able to thank all my readers personally, know that everyone of you is appreciated.

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