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Reunion at Kasha-Asor (A Travellers Novella - Redemption side story 1.5)


Paradise isn't always what you expect it to be...


Back on the island of Kasha-Asor, Quin and Keir need to reconcile a question of trust: of secrets untold, and their precarious position on a planet where Quin has already been betrayed once. Can they find the idyll they seek, or will they be forced to run?


A side story in the Redemption series and part of the Travellers Universe.

Warning: This is not intended as a standalone story, and readers are advised to first read Keir (Book One of Redemption). However, you don't need to read this between books one and two as part of the main Redemption series.

Available in all digital formats via Books2Read. Visit the page on Goodreads to download a free pdf sample and read the reviews.

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