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Mission Statement

(What are our coordinates, Captain?)

To advance the interests of the Science Fiction Romance (subgenre-niche-specialty genre-whatever) and SFR writers everywhere.
Purpose:  To have fun, network with like-minded writers, build your name recognition and future reader base, and socialize with other SFR NG ("next generation") writers who love science fiction romance.
Ship Dress: Casual.  Relax and be yourself. Put your deck boots up and stay awhile. Friendly chatter is encouraged. This is a 'no salute' zone.

The Editorial Team of Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly:

Galaxy Express 2.0 is the new site of The Galaxy Express. In a nutshell, TGE—a blog launched in 2008 by Heather Massey and devoted to science fiction romance—merged with Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly in 2015 to more efficiently streamline our efforts in connecting you with all things SFR.

This blog features all kinds of news, from sci-fi romance to hobbies and whatever else takes our fancy. The original TGE content is still available and now you can also take advantage of our more diverse venture. Enjoy posts by SFRQ editors KS Augustin, Diane Dooley, and Heather Massey, as well as the occasional guest contributor.

Hosted by 5 Science Fiction Romance authors with 8 RWA Golden Heart finals and a RITA final between them. We aim to entertain with spirited commentary on the past, present, and future of SFR, hot topics, and our take on Science Fiction and SFR books, television, movies and culture.

Welcome to the SFR Station, a safe-port for lovers of science fiction romance books.

All of the books listed on the site are published by independent authors, small-press or imprint publishers. They have been vetted for quality. Most books are under $4, some are free, and all are great reads!

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