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The Bones of the Sea (Travellers Universe)

Myasi has been contracted to demolish a weird metallic construct in the shallow seas of Ulto Marinos. But her attempt to do so reveals something more beneath the surface...​


​A free science fiction short story set in the Travellers Universe, available in all digital formats at Amazon, Kobo, B&N, iBooks, and Smashwords. Add it to your shelf at Goodreads.


Cover artwork and editing by Danielle Fine


"This well-written story takes you on a journey of discovery, then presents a quandary and a gut-punch outcome that feels all too real. A deft examination of the dark side of human nature, and human-made complications.

If you love a well-crafted Sci-Fi short story, I highly recommend this read."


Laurie A. Green, author of the Inherit the Stars serial.

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